SixFaceCloud's mission is to provide a platform for simplified, accelerated and unified Financial Analytics and Quantitative Analysis and allow to use cloud computing for heavy calculations. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we allocate, provision, and pay for servers. With the appropriate know-how, renting a virtual server in a faraway datacenter can be done in minutes. While this alone is a momentous victory for developers worldwide, this is only the first step of cloud computing. We see cloud computing as an enabler of true utility computing, where computational power becomes as accessible and transparent as flipping a light switch.
Servers are rarely a technology business's point of differentiation. Therefore, an easy, transparent, and automated system for provisioning software and algorithms across the cloud in a scalable way eliminates a significant amount of the repetitive server design, administration, and hassle all companies deal with but do not derive competitive advantage from.

SixFaceCloud, Inc. was founded in 2011.