Immotionar is an italian virtual reality startup focused in making virtual reality the most closest as possible to actual reality. Currently it is focused mainly in empower all the body of the user inside VR, because a VR without the full body of the user is not truly immersive.

It has created a product, called ImmotionRoom, that is a full suite to create and live full body virtual reality experiences, mixing virtual reality headsets of any kind (wireless or wired ones) with tracking sensors like Microsoft Kinects. The ImmotionRoom SDK enables VR developers to create full body VR experiences in a very easy way, just dragging and dropping a component inside the development engine. All of this is made so that content has to be developed only once and then it can be deployed to all headsets. ImmotionRoom runtime lets user live the amazing experiences created by developers in an easy way, indipendently by the particularly owned sensor.

ImmotionRoom is special also because, employing sensors like Kinect and headsets like Gear VR, lets the user live true virtual reality without wearing any cables or sensors.