A beautifully crafted and performed 17-minute-long, dialogue-free film, Skaterdater is filled with great skateboarding moves. It's also a coming-of-age parable about adolescence, peer pressure, and the first stirrings and challenges of young love. Skaterdater was shot on location in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and was directed by Noel Black. Among many other things, Skaterdater is energetic in its use of a mobile camera, an instrumental surf music score, and a climactic action scene that pits the film's young hero against another boy in a skateboarding duel that involves a race down a frighteningly high hill.

This year (2015) marks the 50th anniversary of the film and sadly, July 5, 2015 will mark the year anniversary of the passing of the film's creator Noel Black.

As one of his last wishes, his daughter is supporting a movement to bring awareness to the film and solicit votes from supporters to have the film entered into the National Film Registry.

You can view the film and vote at: www.voteskaterdater.com