Sketchworks is a non-profit theater company. Founded in 2001, Sketchworks features some of Atlanta's top working comedy professionals. Sketchworks current cast and alumni have gone on to write for network TV shows and perform in film, stage, and television productions. As opposed to unscripted improv, Sketchworks offers short, written sketches and films, and celebrates comedy writers every bit as much as comic actors. The format of a Sketchworks show is similar to Saturday Night Live or MadTV. Shows consist of one sketch after another with quick set and costume changes between each sketch. Shows are not suitable for children under 16, adults over 90, and people with no sense of humor. The company also conducts classes in writing, acting and improvisational comedy. Sketchworks also hosts a travel group, available for private events, college shows, performances in other cities, and festivals called 'Go Sketch.’ For more information on shows and classes, visit http://www.sketchworkscomedy.com.