I define my art as a modernistic approach to an ancient Japanese Woodblock style. With an almost, tattoo look, my art specializes in a multiculturalism, not solely Japanese, it’s their style of art that is key, heavy black lines and vivid colors are the basis.
My most well known piece is a 25ft Koi fish scene that resides at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal One. It was created by my most traditional way of combining hand drawn and inked boards with digital coloring.
My influences are Kuniyoshi, Sailor Jerry, Frida Kahlo, Graffiti art, and Tattoo art.

Mark Richmond has created a standout, recognizable, one of a kind art style, combining ancient Japanese tattoo              art, with a modern multicultural approach. A blend of his own calligraphic lettering influenced by graffiti art, intricate pencil drawings, uniquely inked, and colored by both acrylic paint, as well as digital coloring in Photoshop, all work together to make it near impossible for anyone to duplicate his style.
Born in Pasadena, California in 1969, Mark Richmond has been drawing and painting regularly since he was seven years old. Since then, he graduated from SDSU with a degree in fine arts in 1992, as well as a minor in multicultural history. He has worked in the video game industry designing characters, several internet companies, nightclub DJ, and the financial service industry. Five years ago he left the high paying corporate world to pursue his passion in life, fine art. His decision to make the big jump was upon being featured in several magazines, winning a mixed media competition out of 100 + artists at the Del Mar Fair, and receiving interest by various clothing and animation companies.
In 1991 painted a large mural of Malcolm X, at SDSU for the Black Student Union, which was defaced, repainted, defaced again, and finally repainted again along with a several thousand student protest (sit-in) to speak out against racism. Mark was interviewed by several TV news organizations, as well as being featured on the cover of the SD Union Tribune, speaking out against racism and learning how the power of a paintbrush can move thousands of people in an instant.
In 1994 was invited by the United Farm Workers (UFW) to paint a large portrait of Cesar Chavez as well as several other martyrs for Cesar Chavez’ first annual memorial in Fresno, CA.
In 1995 co-created a clothing company of cartoon street basketball players, that was picked up by the parent company to Russell Athletics, Salem, and had a pilot cartoon developed by Hanna Barbera of the same characters.
1997 worked in the video game industry.
1998 – 2006 worked in the internet marketing field, developing high end websites and honing his marketing skills.
2008 exhibited at the San Diego International Airport, as well as the installation of a permanent 25ft piece in Terminal One, by United and Southwest Airlines check-in. At this time, it was also celebrated with the Airport’s first Beer & Wine launch party, complete with a live salsa band.
Mark’s works can also be seen at Thumbprint Gallery, as well as, Harney Sushi Oceanside, Sushi on the Rocks La Jolla, Raku in Hillcrest & downtown San Luis Obispo, San Diego Int’l Airport, Coffee & Art gaslamp SD, and online at www.richmondartstudio.com
Currently Mark is working on many hand painted originals on wood for a planned show in Spring of 2012, as well as developing a new clothing line based on his Japanese tattoo designs.