In the current rapidity of today's technological environment, attending classroom trainings are no longer considered feasible to many. Recent research have proven the effectiveness of electronic learning and training for today's consumer base. Thus, we at Skill Bear have put together a strategy to integrate education and technology, and to make learning more accessible and affordable especially to the less fortunate.

We have a training marketplace accessible globally and most importantly, affordable to everyone and anyone who is keen to learn a new skill.

In line with our mission, all of Skill Bear's videos will be equipped with the option of sign language and subtitles.

Our Authors and Trainers are internationally reputed in their field with relevant experience.

At Skill Bear, customers can request for customised courses. Skill Bear will assist in finding an author or trainer suitable for the requirement.

Authors of various training programs are invited to host their programs on the platform. In our constantly changing environment, there is a continuous need for new skills or an upgrade of it. As such, the objective of course trading is to create a whole community of e-content providers which would be a sustainable business.

Our E-Learning solution on www.skillbear.com offers an interactive platform to make learning easy, fun and effective. This interactive learning platform is currently live.