Founded in 2010, SkillSign Learning Solutions is the online testing solution provider to employers, recruiters and education institutes. We help our users to assess skills needed for any role accurately and consistently.

With over 50,000 candidates tested till date, SkillSign has firmly established itself as a pioneer in online assessments in India.

Our scientifically designed online test platform and user-rated assessments are used by our corporate customers for pre-recruitment and employee assessments, and by individual customers for measuring their skills for employability in various sectors. We have a validated suite of over 400 tests spanning communication skills, general abilities, domain knowledge (including technology tests) and personality profiling, that can be delivered online in supervised environment or otherwise.

SkillSign's unique cloud-based assessment platform brings employers, recruiters, trainers, students and job-seekers together to provide a winning solution for everyone.

SkillSign offers the following services to its corporate clients:
•     Highly Customizable Online Test Platform
•     Question Bank for Technical Assessments
•     Question Bank for Personality Assessments      

SkillSign offers the following services to its individuals:
•     Validated market place for reputed assessment services providers
•     Online Technical, aptitude and management assessments

SkillSign’s areas of expertise are in four key areas of Online Assessment.
•     The Science of Online Assessment
•     Test Creation & Question Bank Management
•     Test Delivery  
•     Test Result Analytics