SkillsNET’s core capabilities are rooted in corporate and personnel experience, patented technology, and proven program management best practices.  However, the SkillsNET approach also combines a strong quantitative orientation with the best theories and methods available in the behavioral and social sciences.

The distinguishing characteristic of SkillsNET is its multidisciplinary problem-solving capability.  From the full range of social science methods, SkillsNET selects those approaches that are most suited to the particular problems we are called on to address.  Through advancing the science of Human Capital Content Management, we architect best practices and service solutions for customers.

SkillsNET’s core business is helping organizations of all sizes to achieve their success, growth, and productivity goals.  Much of this is accomplished through SkillsNET’s complete suite of on-demand, intuitive, web-native software tools that help companies respond at the speed of business.  SkillsNET’s tools are designed to rapidly define work requirements, prepare and maintain relevant job descriptions, implement skill and competency frameworks, assess talent value, and align requirements to training and performance improvement strategies.
Below is a sample of key offerings from SkillsNET:
•     Skills and Competence Framework Design – Design a skill or competence framework best suited for the organization’s unique business strategy and existing talent inventory; connect talent acquisition, learning, and career management to the framework.
•     Workforce Performance Management Metrics – Utilize SkillsNET inventory of metrics to align performance to corporate goals.
•     Integrated Learning Environment – Design and implement an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) that best suits the organization’s knowledge acquisition culture; integrate EPSS, LMS, and LCMS systems to assure optimum performance.
•     Human Capital Object® System – Job classification, job requirements, and personnel capability information all compiled and efficiently presented in Human Capital Objects.
•     Tacit Knowledge and Talent Yellow Pages – Locate and source talent as required to meet the changing world of work…holistic approach to leverage internal or internal talent resources.

SkillsNET brings cutting-edge research for skills identification and workforce skills development to the workplace utilizing a new structure – one that allows for the rapid design and delivery of products consistent with the needs of the organization.

The SkillsNET SkillObjects® Human Capital data model enables us to accurately define the “world of work” with such precision that our authoritative databases are used for sourcing, hiring, on-boarding, training, developing, evaluating, advancing, strategic planning, and mapping work to organizational goals.

SkillsNET’s success has been based on two tenets: Simplicity and Precision – providing simple tools and processes that use precise, standardized, and “common” language that allow employers, employees, applicants, educational institutions, and government agencies to read from the same page in clearly communicating and understanding workforce requirements.