Corey is a self-described “Career Hacker” who designed a process that helps people leverage the hiring process and convert their passion into job offers.  After being unemployed for a year and spending 3 unhappy years working in 2 completely unfulfilling jobs Corey made a crucial decision… he wasn’t where he deserved to be in his life. So he turned the tables and attacked his next job search with a complete disregard for the rules and landed a job where he was insanely happy, made more money than he ever had and was finally living the life he knew he deserved.

What he later realized was… this was the first in a long line of events that would lead him to discover and unbelievably effective approach that didn’t just get people hired.  It helped them “crack the code” to getting their perfect job and living an amazing life.

Over the past 3 years Corey has fine-tuned his system by exploiting the “flaws” in the hiring process while helping hundreds of frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled people in every situation “tap into” their passion, leverage their strengths and land the jobs they wanted most.