Skimoil, Inc. is a specialty design/manufacturer, and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems. We specialize in oil skimmers, oil water separators and special wastes reduction for the manufacturing, steel mill, commercial marine / maritime, petroleum, and utility industries.

We work with companies that are having problems dealing with, handling or disposing of oily or dirty water, providing workable alternatives for their maintenance, pollution control, operational and special waste disposal problems. Our skimmers and separators are used around the globe.

Skimoil systems are built to specifically address your particular problem and concerns, through the use of our existing specialty, unique and innovative equipment or technologies that can be used right off the shelf or modified, configured or otherwise packaged, to fit your specific needs.

Cross-industry exposure and experience has taught us that there aren’t that many new problems - just new or recycled versions of the old stuff. That’s where we come in. We bring experience, specialized knowledge and technologies to your oil water separator or oil skimmer project. Need a solution? Let’s get started now. Call (314) 579-9755!

Most of what you’ll see here is our made-to-order Skimoil equipment, or our Separator Systems or Brute series of hardened marine and industrial systems and equipment, while most other equipment is manufactured by our long term strategic partners/suppliers who specialize in what they do.

We try to keep some basic skimmers and oil water separators in stock. Need it soon?
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Since we’re not limited or married to any one oil skimmer or separator technology, we can objectively provide what is best for you and your application!