Skin at Peace co-founder, Lindsey Davis, has battled Rosacea and Sensitive Skin her entire life, and never found the right skincare line to calm her irritated skin.

She has over 11 years experience working with and being trained by ZO Skin, SkinCeuticals, Eminence, Hydra-Facial, Skin Fitness and many more. She has worked in high-end spas such as Guerlain and The Ritz Carlton in New York, Miami and Palm Beach, performing treatments such as advanced facials, dermaplanning, mircro-needling, microblading, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. She has also received all of these treatments, including  IPL laser. Unfortunately, the Rosacea always returned.

It wasn't until her fiance, Rodrigo, formulated products for her, did her skin calm and clear. He has an MD Degree and years of experience working in cosmetics labs improving skincare formulations.  Their combined knowledge built the perfect blend of healthy ingredients, that is now Skin at Peace.  

Located in Jupiter, Florida.  Product is made and sold in the United States.