Whip Appeal-Skin Care for Your Ride! is the hottest and hippest car cleaning system to hit the market. With the success of shows like Pimp My Ride, Trick My Truck, Whipnotiq, MTV’s Cribs and others, that showcase high end luxury vehicles or ordinary vehicles refurbished, our product will fit right in. In the urban community a “whip” is what a very nice, expensive vehicle is called. And the “appeal” is what happens after your ride or “whip” has been cleaned. Our product line will be the first of its kind to be likened to a cosmetic line for cars. All of our liquid products have a unique fragrance which will make the process of maintaining the shine of your ride a pleasureable one. Some of our current offerings include:

Brazilian Body Wax - "Bikini's aren't the only thing that need a good wax job!
Whip Wash Body Shampoo - "A lavish spa treatment for your ride!"
Hit it and Quit it Detail Spray - "Sometimes you just want to do it quick!"

We will grow the line steadily as the brand grows. By adding leather conditioner, tire treatment, window cleaner, wheel cleaner and even air freshener. The exterior products will even protect your vehicle from some harmful UVA and UVB rays especially if used properly and regularly.

The car care industry has been around in some form or fashion for over 100 years. When the automobile first came into existence there was little known about how to care for the exterior or interior. Back then people used furniture polish to keep much of the real wood interiors cleaned and waxed. Today the choices are many but none are as hip or tap into the urban market the way we will. While our target is urban we are not necessarily focusing in one demographic over another. Our customer will understand that their car is a reflection of who they are but want a product that speaks to the now generation.

We have a blog at http://skincareforyouride.blogpost.com as well as a facebook fansite at www.facebook.com/skincareforyourride. We can also be followed on Twitter at www.twitter.com/robertehansen.