Skinny Ms. is a web-based magazine created by women for women. Unique to the site is a sole dedication to fitness, healthy recipes and weight loss, the cornerstones of healthy living. Through education and endless encouragement, Skinny Ms. is excited to introduce a forum ideal for those with a genuine desire to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here women will find a new fat-burning workout routine 365 days a year, guaranteeing that there is a program to fit the needs of every individual. The regularly shared recipes designed to help women lose unhealthy body fat will enhance their understanding of the part food plays in restoring or maintaining their best health.In addition, each month a new fitness, weight-loss or combination challenge will be posted to the site, encouraging women to push themselves to their limits with the support and guidance of the Skinny Ms. community.  

To help women stay faithful to their new lifestyle, the site’s Accountability Section allows them to connect with one another, find a buddy and to hold one another accountable throughout each challenge.Skinny Ms. is supported by a quarter million fans and growing on our Facebook page alone.  Women are clearly attracted to the Skinny Ms. Lifestyle!  By no means must you be overweight to reap the benefits of this unique approach to healthy living.  

Think of it as a new way of using the word; skinny is simply the weight that each individual views as a healthy number for their own body.  Getting “skinny” doesn’t have to be a waist size.  Instead, it’s all about eliminating the things that keep us from our best health.  

Accordingly, the Skinny Ms. cookbook proudly focuses on using healthy, unprocessed foods.  Soon to be launched is the Skinny Ms. Runners’ Club, a community allowing women to plan and enjoy their runs together.