SkipTheDrive.com is a brand new job board for those looking to telecommute; tailored towards connecting job seekers all over the world with companies all over the world. What is a telecommuting job? This kind of job allows people to work remotely, such as from the comfort of their own home, coffee shop, etc. Also known as "virtual employment", it is the perfect option for those who want to develop their work-from-home career, avoid daily commutes, have more time at home with their family, earn supplemental income in addition to their daily jobs, or work as freelancers and independent contractors.
Corporate trends are changing. The way people do business has become more and more virtual over the years. In order to stay current with the trends, companies have created a number of telecommuting jobs that can be completed remotely so long as one has the necessary skills and a trusty computer to do the work. SkipTheDrive aims to be at the forefront of assisting the growing virtual business community. Their virtual job board, offering both full and part-time positions, is more direct and personal than standard job boards because it is tailored to fit this specific niche.
It is completely free to register on the site, with absolutely no charge to job seekers. For employers who choose to post jobs, SkipTheDrive currently offers incredibly reasonable rates at $29 per standard job posting and $39 per premium job posting. Every employer's job posting will be tweeted live as they come in. All members and visitors are invited to follow SkipTheDrive on Twitter and Facebook so they can be updated with the latest job postings and industry news. Job seekers can also sign up for email alerts that will notify them when newly posted jobs match their criteria.
Professionals seeking positions on SkipTheDrive can expect to see many job postings coming from the software/web development industry, health care, engineering, recruitment, workforce analysis and customer service. There is no limit on what jobs companies can seek telecommuters for, so expect to see a broad spectrum of jobs!
Register today and start on your new career path. It’s time to get out of the office and “skip the drive!”
For more information visit http://www.SkipTheDrive.com.