Sky Blue Builders, LLC (SBB) is a general contractor and construction management firm specializing in new build & commercial renovation, land development / infrastructure and general repair / maintenance for private and government entities.

SBB was started in January 2007 and begin in residential renovation and transitioned to commercial construction in 2008.  Since 2007 SBB has grown from a two man team and $80K in revenue to eight employees and millions in revenue performing projects for large corporations and government agencies.  

Safety: Sky Blue Builders is committed to ensuring a safe and protected work environment for all employees and subcontractors. Emphasis on safety on construction sites shows not only a commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but also demonstrates dedication to completing each project in a timely and efficient manner.

Community: Since making a positive community impact is extremely important to Sky Blue Builders, all Members and employees are expected to volunteer their time and expertise throughout their employment to help support philanthropic efforts and create a strong community presence.