SkyeTek delivers stand-alone and embedded reader solutions that make RFID work easily, reliably, and economically for enterprises and OEMs that require the ability to continuously track goods and assets.  SkyeTek’s customers span numerous vertical markets and range from mid-market businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.  What they share in common is the use of SkyeTek’s reader solutions to increase visibility across the enterprise in order to create competitive advantage in their products and operations.

SkyeTek continues to be one of the proven leaders in the RFID market in terms of number of production customers and readers sold.  Customers use its solutions in applications such as inventory / asset management, product authentication, and patron management with compelling results.  All have realized some combination of improved process reliability, inventory turnover, loss prevention, sales productivity, and customer satisfaction.  These benefits, coupled with the cost effectiveness and time-to-benefit of SkyeTek’s solutions, have allowed companies to realize high returns on investment through the application of RFID in their businesses.