More and more friends are joining the band. Because it can create a more fashionable hairstyle, and more elegant temperament. But if you're not doing your hair care, It is easy to cause problems such as poor quality. How to manage after that perm?
Perm has become the most common way to beautify hair. It can create a variety of styles or high pressure hairstyles. The other mechanism is through chemical reactions that break down the sulfide and hydrogen bonds in your hair; The core structure is then restructured and stabilized. Because of the potion and the heating, So damage to hair,
If the hair-care is not timely handled, The hair will soon be damaged, dry, manic and so on. So how to manage after  perm?
Generally speaking, it is best to wash the hair 5 to 7 days after the perm. If wash a head too early easily let a perm effect abate. And on the choice of hair care products, It's best to use something that is nourishing and nourishing, To replenish lost nutrients for hair, Full nutrition hair. There are also shampoo, conditioner and so on, which are specially designed for curly
You should minimize the blow-drying of hair when we washed our hair, Because of the high temperature of the hair dryer, If you use too much, you can blow away the moisture in your hair. It makes the hair too  manic. The suggestion is to use the water absorbing water better towel to absorb dry water natural air stem is good.
In order for the longer effect  and helps to repair hair, We need to use elastin to catch the curve of the curl when the hair reaches 70% dry. And one thing that's important, Just don't brush your hair with a comb after your hair is dry. Otherwise the hair will straighten.
The key thing about how to manage your hair is not to use a comb. Instead, brush your hair with your fingers. It is recommended that the hair should be wetted slightly in the morning and then use the moisturizing protective hair styling products to care for the hair.Then grab the desired shape with your fingers.