SkyPlanner is a 5-star-rated, Salesforce Consulting, MSP & AppExchange Partner based in Miami, Florida, specialized in helping companies of all shapes and sizes leverage the power of Salesforce.
At SkyPlanner Partners, we believe in fully integrating ourselves in your business, developing a true partnership with you and your employees. Our team is made up of a wide variety of developers, architects, business analysts, at various levels of seniority. Our expansive knowledge in the software development arena allows us to help you find the best solutions so you can grow your company using the latest technology including cloud computing.
As Salesforce Consulting Partners, we have our own Salesforce support team that shares with us the most updated technologies, previews and industry news. Our goal is to help your enterprise leverage Salesforce, through training and customization, allowing you to maximize the benefits of working with its suite of innovative products.