The vision of Skytopian Umbrella is broken down into three groups. The SKY Development Society, Get Off The Block Foundation, and Generationaries Ave. The goal is to take the responsibilities of poverty, education, healthcare, child abuse, sexual abuse, incarceration rates, job development, pollution and drug issues out of the hands of the politicians, and into the hands of society with the help of a organizations such as ourselves. We urge people to accept help, and at the same time educate them to help themselves. One of the biggest projects is to support the pollution issues that affect us all in so many ways, now and in the years to come. In lure of this we are creating a very fashionable clothing line that is one hundred percent organic and biodegradable to help with those efforts of saving our planet. In closing Skytopian is the future, past, and present, of the movement towards world peace and the end of poverty. We will do this by living exemplary lives built on morals, principle, and values that benefit the world as a whole not as a individuals.