You do not get enough sleep catastrophically, and thus why your family idyll breaking into pieces? You are dreaming to relieve your spouse from snoring? You can do it pretty easily! Among modern devices like stop snore pillows, medical strips and other novelties of a new age many forgot about enough effective and natural remedies. You should remember: herbs are safe way to resolve your problem. At least you can lower intensity and loudness of your snoring with natural herbs. And that is great result.


Thyme is not only good fish and meat aromatic spice. It is also excellent cure. For example, it helps with cataract treatment and especially with its prevention. Use oil with thyme essence in the medical purposes allows to clear and expand airway passages so that nothing would block healthy air circulation. Such oil can be safely added in various modern humidifiers or even simpler – in a water spray bottle. In this case you will be protected from snore for all night. Thyme herbs can be added in tea for the most quiet and silent sleep.


This herb is well known for its calming effect, they use it as an ingredient of most insomnia medicine. You can mix it in your tea. But never smoke catnip as it will give you very bad headache.

Eucalyptus oil.

According to physicians, snore grows many times during cold season. Thus why eucalyptus oil may be useful for its property of mucous fluidifying in safe and natural way. The best way to use advantages of an eucalyptus for snore treatment is to add some drops of essential oil in hot water (or aroma lamp) and inhale cure-steam for some minutes. The described way of snore disposal may be useful for treatment of children nasal infectious diseases.


This type of herb is well known as an aroma oil which is soothing tired body and helps you to  sleep better. You can use  lavender oil with bath or you can add it in your tea.

The mint extract.

As it is known, mint extract contains menthol. And menthol, is well known in medicine for its useful properties: to remove mucous from lungs, to reduce airway passages inflammation and to expand capillaries. Herbal tea with mint leaves Just before sleeping will not only calm you down, but will lower snoring chance. It will make you sleep deeper. The listed Herbs for snore treatment can be found in any. Grown on the meadows filled in with the sun, these natural doctors not only relieve you from snore, but will also provide you with additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.