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SlickWraps is your premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories.  Our products have been featured in many of the top online electronics magazines and techno blogs.  Specializing in smart phones and other small electronics we strive to outclass the competition by selling the highest quality materials at the lowest prices possible.  We also constantly search for new materials and ideas to expand our product line.  We provide consumers worldwide with new, one-of-a-kind products.  We pride ourselves at often being the first to come out with new ideas and custom materials such as the hugely popular iGlowPhone.

Another thing that sets SlickWraps apart from the competition is how we manufacture our products and how we procure our materials.  Slickwraps, unlike many of our competitors, is American owned and operated.  Every product sent out by SlickWraps is made in America and we get as many materials as possible from local vendors.   With state of the art machinery and very tight quality control we can ensure customers that every product they buy from us will be very high-in quality and not made overseas.

With 1,000+ products in stock and $2 worldwide shipping charge we are quickly being one of best known electronics accessory protection companies in the world.  SlickWraps.com has made it easy for our customers to shop in one of the largest nicest accessory stores online.  Our products are also available for retail and at wholesale prices.  Inquire within.  


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