Slimger™: The World’s Slimmest iPhone and Android Charger

Fort Lauderdale, FL - October 28 2014: Slimger™ is an ultra slim mobile phone charging device that has a built in USB cable and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. The makers of Slimger™, Bluetech Industries have recently launched the official Slimger™ Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the device.

Slimger™ is a convenient and lightweight charging device for iPhone and Android devices. It will provide users with an estimated five hours of extra talk time, four hours of internet use, and ninety-five hours of standby. Weighing in at less than two ounces and measuring only 1.8mm thick, Slimger™ is a unique charger that can easily fit into a wallet.

Slimger™ is available in two versions; one compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6+, and the other is compatible with all Android devices such as Samsung, Beats, and GoPro. Unlike most of its plastic competitors, the Slimger™ compact charging device is housed in an Anodized Aluminum case and is available in five colors; Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Pink.

The Slimger™ Indiegogo campaign was launched on October 19 2014, Bluetech Industries plans to meet their goal of $10,000 by November 20 2014. With the help of the Indiegogo campaign, Slimger™ is set to launch in late December 2014. With just over 30 days left on the clock, Slimger™ has currently reached over 64% of its goal.

The funds from the Slimger™ Indiegogo campaign will mostly go towards the production of the device, but will also fund the designing, legal fees, mold fabrication, merchant fees, and shipping. There are a variety of perks available for individuals who are donating. Contributions range from $28 - $1900 and there are a variety of Slimger™ perks and packages offered to contributors. Their most popular being the $49 option, providing a pack of two Slimger™ devices of any colors.

The Slimger™ journey began in September 2013, when the idea was first formed. After the first sketches were complete, he patent was applied for, and the manufacturer search was on - Slimger™ began production in March 2014. October marks the beginning of the Slimger™ Indiegogo campaign and the portable charging device will be reaching its final production stage in the upcoming month.

For more information about Slimger™, the Indiegogo campaign, and the upcoming launch, individuals are encouraged to visit the websites below.

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Name: Jacob Atkins
Email: sales@slimger.com
Phone: 954-6456624