We all know the uncomfortable feeling that comes with over-full pockets. You have about a dozen things that you need to carry with you throughout the day, and when you try stuffing them all into one place, the jagged edges tend to stand out – especially the jagged edges on your keys. Yes, even if you have just a wallet and a set of keys, that is usually enough to create a little discomfort in the wrong pair of jeans. For a long time, it seemed like there was no solution either. We were doomed to keep using the same second-rate keychains and dealing with it, no matter how great the discomfort became.

This is why we have created SlimKey, the innovative accessory that keeps your keys compact and convenient. Available in two versions – SlimKey and SlimKey Wallet – this is a tool that you can bring with you everywhere you go, from offices to campsites, confident that it will keep your most important belongings securely in one place without poking you or causing you any discomfort.
We are making SlimKey available in eight different colors: gold, violet, black, pink, green, red, blue, and gray. Stylish, durable, and lightweight, this is the last and only accessory that you will ever need for your keys.