Slingshot Sponsorship is headed-up by agency owner and managing director Jackie Fast - a high-profile brand relationship, sponsorship funding, digital marketing and business sales specialist.

Jackie Fast has diverse international experience of devising innovative sponsorship proposals for media rights owners to enjoy the benefits of forging brand relationships to leverage lucrative sponsorship funding.  In addition Jackie Fast has been focusing on adopting digital marketing strategies and integration to formulate successful sponsorship relationships through insightful brand engagement.

Jackie Fast has worked with hundreds of vertical rights holders and notable brands in the UK and abroad to develop sustainable sponsorship programmes.  

Thinking beyond the traditional benefits of brand sponsorship relationships, Slingshot Sponsorship’s formulates the right sponsorship proposals for rights owners and brands to secure sponsorship funding for mutual benefit.

From sponsorship strategy, to activation and everything between – Slingshot Sponsorship provides a complete suite of services tailored for rights owners, brands, and agencies.