Slock.it technology connects the blockchain to the physical world, effectively giving connected objects such as lock and vehicles an identity and the ability to send and receive payments. This could disrupt the fields of transport, logistics and the sharing economy by drastically reducing the cost of transactions.

Quoting the respected Nesta institute, "Slock.it simultaneously cracks the challenge of trusting strangers in the sharing economy while ripping up the rulebook for how those same platforms make their money." Slock.it was the recipient of the 2b AHEAD 2016 Innovator Awards, the IoT Award at FYFN 2016, the Postscape Editor's Choice Awards and the 2016 German Mobility Award.

Slock.it flagship project, the Universal Sharing Network, is currently in active development. If you would like to join us in building the USN, please check out the careers section of our website.