The word ‘sloris’ comes from the reduction of the mammal’s name ‘slow loris’.  These creatures could generally be beaten by a snail in a foot race.  However, when inspired, they move close to warp speed.  How does this translate to design?  Sloris products are carefully designed to allow for pause in a hectic day.  This oasis rejuvenates energy levels, allowing for accelerated activity and better focus when it’s time to engage in your next project.  

The driving force behind sloris.com is the fine artist, MG.  3D printing afforded her a previously inconceivable opportunity.  She can utilize her perspective as an oil painter to create unique and innovative products and print them on demand.  Using traditional manufacturing, she would have been forced to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of a single item to make it cost effective.  This results in the need to sell a significant number of that item before moving on to the next and to store the goods.  The most important implications of this advancement for sloris are:

•     flexibility.   Sloris can pursue many design ideas at once, printing each stage of a piece’s evolution one at a time, improving the model and then choosing the best to offer to their clients.      
•     even as a small business, sloris is able to offer a diverse selection of goods, in a wide variety of colors, finishes and materials (including plastic, steel, brass, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum).  
•     being on the move, slowly.  The sloris office travels at will, seeking out inspiration.  Conceived in Thailand, the office has since been located in Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania.

Currently the sloris line includes;

•     ‘One Infinity’ ring, bracelet, earrings and pendants: this elegant design was inspired by M’s oil painting ‘Infinity 16’.  A single infinity sign stretches, twists and wraps around itself and the wearer.  
•     ‘Kinetic Aesthetic’ and ‘My Cup of Tea’ fascinators: these stunning hats combine the grandeur of the Victorian era with modern style to make any wearer feel like a diva.
•     The ‘Waterways’ collection: these three stunning pieces are inspired by the amazing grace and power of water. The ‘Currents,’ ‘Remains’ and ‘Submerged’ designs are all available as rings and pendants.

Each sloris item is a unique piece of wearable art brought into everyday life.  Every product is individually 3D Printed for our client.