Founded in 1986 Slot Drain is North Americas original manufacturer of a grateless trench drain system.  Slot Drain manufactures a full suite of linear trench drains for food and beverage manufacturers, landscape and residential, Industrial and agricultural markets. The pre sloped drain design offers both a high performance drainage and an attractive sleek look to any environment.

Slot Drain manufacturers Stainless Steel, galvanized and fiberglass drain bodies for many different industries.

Benefits of Using Slot Drain®
-Durable (No grating to break/bend/replace). Slot Drain is forklift friendly and can handle weight beyond Load Class F (heavy duty like airport) .
-Sanitary (No grating to maintain or trap contaminants)
-Cost effective
-Quick and easy to install (Drain sections arrive fully assembled)
-Corrosion resistant
-Environmentally sound
-T-Sections, 90° and 45° elbows allow drain sections to go anywhere they are desired
-Can be accommodated to handle process water as well, eliminating extra piping, trenching and backfilling, which is time consuming and costly.
-Eliminates forming and screeding
-Flush valves can be added, in order to flush the drain sections, keeping them clean, sanitary and sediment free.