SM4Dentists brings 100% accountability to your investments in online dental marketing and advertising.    
    We bring strategy, creative design and technology skills to generate revenue through New Patient Campaigns utilizing Search Engine Marketing, Search Network Advertising, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing. We also maximize your dental practice web presence through a great website, search optimization, local social communities and online directories.    
    Professional Dental Website: Website that is beautiful and more importantly can be edited by you. The goal of the website would be to have a
    potential New Patient make phone call or send email to you.
    Search Engine Optimization: we write or edit the content on your site to make it search engine friendly for the keywords we are targeting for
    you. We refine the code on your site for search engines to locate and index your site.
    Professionally Written Articles: With you direction we will create and add Blog articles on your services. By syndicating these articles we will
    create back links to your website. This increases your search engine ranking.
    Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC can have an immediate impact on your bottom line and be a very profitable. We manage the right placement of
    ads on Google , Yahoo and Bing. Determine which keywords your new patients are searching. We monitor the campaigns to assure that you
    have positive ROI
    Claim your place: Utilize Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing and claim your practice. Optimizing this improves your search engine ranking.
    Social Engagement Dashboard: Social Media presents a great opportunity for Dentists to engage with local community. Social Channels like
    Facebook, blogs, Twitter and others allow you to communicate your prospective patients. We provide an easy to use dashboard to engage with
    your existing and new patients through one push technology across Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter and others.
    Full Accountability: we provide access to the results of your campaign for everything from where your budget is being spent to how many clicks
    and views your ads are receiving. Your campaign performance can be assessed at any time. Discussed and managed as per your needs.