We don't believe in plans or graded services, we offer one package at one price. For a Pay As You Go rate of £100 per month we offer all the following :

Small SEO Service Components.

1. Website Validation.
We run diagnostics on your website to pinpoint any issues that may adversely affect your search engine ranking. We will work with you and your web designer to solve any problems.

2. Keyword Research.
This is where you tell us what keywords and/or phrases are relevant to your business, and we research the actual words and phrases that people are using online to find products/services like the ones you have to offer. We then make a keyword table using the keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site.

3. Content Advice.
Behind the scenes of your website, we write code that includes the keywords found during the keyword research phase, but the major search engines also look for meaningful content, which means the keywords must also be present in the written content on your website. So part of this process will probably include adding to or otherwise altering whatever text you currently have that describes your products and services. This is something we work on together.

4. Sitemap Creation.
A sitemap is a file that tells the search engines how to index your website. This file tells them where all your pages are, how often they change, and how important they are in relation to each other. This is something that Small SEO creates after analysing and updating your site.

5. Website/Sitemap Submission.
We submit your website and sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo - the three major search engines. It takes anywhere from a few days to two weeks for your site to be indexed by all of the search engines. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and also Bing Webmaster Tools, are installed to your website at this point. These are tools that give helpful information about visitors to your site.

6. Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Business Pages.
If your business has a shop front or is highly customer-facing, we ensure that you have a stronger web presence by creating Local Business pages on each of the major search engines. These are entries into a database that makes it easier for people to find local products and services online. We work with you to create these pages.

7. Document, press-release and video distribution.
The more information there is about your business, the likelier it is that people will become aware of it. We register you with the top information-sharing services in order to increase the availability of this information and drive traffic to your website. This involves documents describing your products and services being shared on PDF sharing sites like SlideShare and ScribD, press-release sites such as I-NewsWire and PR-Log, as well as video upload sites like YouTube and  DailyMotion.