Smart-Azz is a Hong Kong based company that sells GPS tracking and monitoring systems. They sell worldwide to distributors and individuals.

Their Tracking products are small sleek devices that communicate position to your mobile phone using a text message.

Born out of the necessity to provide greatly increased security to individuals and vehicles, the Smart-Azz line of GPS Trackers are the perfect solution. They link seamlessly with modern mobile phones giving accurate positioning at all times, and peace of mind.

We present a variety of models:

Personal Security Device : for young children, the elderly, and those living alone.
This model comes with a programmable SOS button. Should a person become lost, they can be found by simply tracking their position using any modern mobile phone. If they press the SOS button a text message is sent out containing their position.

Vehicle Tracker for boats, Motorbikes, Cars and Machinery.
These Trackers monitor systems such as battery voltages, door positions, boat bilge levels, and act as both a burglar alarm and systems monitor.

Pet Tracker, with collar attachment to locate your pet when they go missing.

Smart-Azz products are designed in Hong Kong and carry a patent on the battery save function.

All products carry both CE and FCC approvals.