Smart Energy Solutions is a grassroots profit organization founded to improve living conditions in the world. We are headquartered in Norcross, Georgia. We began in 2002 as a single location store in Atlanta. In 2008, we started setting up small-scale retail outlets and customer supported workshops in the area. We are well on our way of reaching our objective of designing and selling LED-powered lamps, bulbs, and tubes to the global market. We design customized lights, lamps, tubes, street lights, flood lights, and panel lights. The LED alternative will create an affordable environmental lighting system in any region. LEDs have proven as the best alternatives to costly Compact fluorescent Lighting bulbs (CFL) that harm the environment. CFL and incandescent bulbs require more energy to run while also limiting your light color options. Energy saving LED lights is clearly a win-win proposition, allowing you to save energy, save money, and add some color to your life all while saving the planet.