Smart Alarm supplies and installs every type of security system, from budget burglar alarms for small residential properties to fully-integrated control systems for large commercial premises, hotels, resorts, etc. We have developed our own intelligent controller unit which has been specifically designed for use in Thailand and protects against over-voltage occurrences, prevents false alarms.and can send messages to 1 - 4 mobile phones in the event of an emergency alert.

With our Smart Bus system for connecting all devices to the control unit we have reduced the need for much of the disruption caused to buildings for the installation work. Any electrical device can be connected to it for automatic/manual/remote control.

Our Guard Patrol System checks that your guards are performing their duties properly, such as patrolling the premises, and ensures they are not sleeping on the job!

We have a Monitoring Room which operates 24 hours per day and records all alerts sent from our installations, and can send messages to 1 - 4 mobile phones and also alert the appropriate emergency services.

See our website for details of all our products - www.smartalarm.co.uk.