Welcome to the Advance Android App Development Tutorial, created by the Smart Android Course Training Team. Take this tutorial to learn how to add advanced functionality to your Android apps.

Topics we cover in Android tutorial are :
- Android Introduction
- Architecture
- Installation Setup
- Project Structure -
- Emulator Setup
- Android Components
- Fragment
- Build your first app
- Layouts
- UI Controls
- Menu
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- Activity life cycle ( Implicit Intent | Explicit Intent )
- Views ( ListView | Expandable ListView | Search View | Grid View | Tab View | Web View | Video View )
- Share Function
- Multi-Language Setup
- Audio Control
- Slider
- Compressed ImageView ( Picasso | Glide )
- SQLite Database
- Storage
- Download Function
- Admob Integration (Banner | Interstitial )
- Get Type ( Phone | Sim )
- Editbox Validation
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Libraries: A categorized directory of libraries and tools for Android app development.

Google Map:
- Map Setup
- First Map
- Current Location
- Map Marker
- Custom Marker
- Map Polyline
- Map Circle Option
- Get daily new topics on the map tutorials

Firebase :
- Setup
- Authentication
- Push Notification
- Read & Write
- Read | Write | Delete | Update
- Get daily new topics on the Firebase tutorials

API Fetching:
- Introduction
- JSON string request
- JSON object request
- JSON array request
- Signup using API
- Sign in using API
- Get daily new topics on the API Fetching tutorials

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