Smart Company Growth is a firm that helps small and mid-sized businesses to grow sustainably through application of best practices in business development and cost control. The virtual business model provides you with key help for your business at a superior value, unencumbered by brick and mortar overhead expenses.   We engage a small cache of subject matter experts in sales process, lead generation, social media, viral and referral marketing, sales management, virtual distance management, lean process, supply chain management, and a variety of outsourcing options.

Smart Business Development means generating business, both new and repeat, economically, efficiently, and in ways that suit the core competencies of your company in order to have fantastic delivery experiences.  It means focus on what is working, and if it isn’t working, finding out quickly what is working.  It means developing business through a variety of different means like tele-sales, social media marketing, word of mouth referral marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising—whatever is appropriate to the type of business being served.

Smart Business Development also means designing a process that is science and not a black art, taking stock of where you’re at right now relative to your industry, where you’re short of where you need to be as a business, and having a robust process that goes from suspect generation to negotiation and closing.  Smart Business Growth divides our business development services into three distinct areas:

Benchmark your Sales and Lead Generation process, the universe you market to, and online presence.

Strategy development for referral-based and viral marketing, social media, and online presence, refine or develop Sales Process, Virtual Distance Strategy helps measure, and fix performance of the remote Sales Team.

Virtual Sales Team
Outsource for sales and marketing guerrilla tactics like…

* Lead generation / appointment setting
* Sales management
* Negotiation
* Website development / SEO
* Blog development / Ghost Writing

Smart Cost Control focuses on slowing the growth of Costs relative to your increasing Sales for increased Profits.

Compare ratios and key metrics with best of breed companies in your SIC code to determine gaps as well as Virtual Distance measurement.

Lean thinking training, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen event design and deployment,
5S, Concurrent engineering, outsourcing plan and processes, & Virtual Team Distance Strategy.

Also provides Supply Chain Management processes like vendor performance and inventory and materials management.

Virtual Operations
Help companies eliminate non-essential duties outside the core competency or roles that don’t justify full time personnel.   Virtual Operations are more complex and multi-layered than Virtual Sales, and coordination with internal delivery systems becomes that much harder.   Smart Company Growth can help you by outsourcing Engineering & Design, Project Management, Capital Equipment Sourcing, and Negotiation, this time on the Purchasing side of the equation.

Right to the Bottom Line
These services provide your small to mid-size enterprise instant value right out of the box.  We focused on two areas and have forged partnerships in two areas:

Equipment Financing
Our partnership with Lease One Financial allows us to leverage 80 different asset based financing lenders that allow you to preserve vital cash flows robbed by downpayments on new and used equipment needed to expand and increase the capacity of your business, putting the equipment into operation right away and reaping its benefits while making manageable monthly lease payments.  

Energy Expense
This is an out-of-pocket cost that large users of electricity often don’t focus on, and never realize the massive savings that can be had if you operate in a de-regulated state in the US.   As an agent partnered with iPower6, a rapidly growing US Energy Broker, we bring you the competitive savings of more than 30 different Retail Electricity Providers (REPs), often to the tune of tens of thousands per month.