Some of the Largest Corporations in the World use Passbook to stay connected and to build a larger customer base every day. Smart Connect powered by Bigfoot360 puts the power of Mobile Wallets and true mobile marketing back in your hands! When we link every aspect of your online presence to our passes, you will see conversions increase day after day.

The Bigfoot 360 Smart Connect Platform designs custom passes for our clients, and allows our clients to send GEO TARGETED LOCKED SCREEN updates to their customers or fans 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week at ZERO additional charge, directly through Apple or any of the other major mobile phone manufacturer.

Google Wallet and Passbook present a win-win situation for brands and their customers. Both provide benefits to customers such as ease of use and convenience, as they will no longer be burdened with remembering to clip and redeem coupons at the point of sale. And lets face it, you never go anywhere without your phone!

And we do a whole...lot...more. Contact me today to chat and see what we can do together.  We'll increase your conversions, and reduce your budget spend.