SmartFinds Marketing is a 35-year-old award-winning digital marketing agency from the Detroit Metro area. As a full-service marketing agency, SmartFinds can manage any marketing project and its process. Over such a long time in business, SmartFinds has significant knowledge and experience to ensure a successful outcome. The history in the advertising and marketing industries began in 1987; with experience with the internet starting in 1994. This combined expertise provides SmartFinds with a unique understanding of internet technologies and the application of marketing and strategic processes.

SmartFinds’ competencies range with broad experiences across their creative, marketing, and technology teams. These include research, strategy and planning, websites (development, management, performance, conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization and more), content development and content marketing, social media marketing, advertising, and much more.

The CEO, Melih Oztalay, has developed his 4 A’s of digital marketing that helps to provide direction when working in the fast-paced world. These include Anticipate Change, Accept Change, Adapt to Change, and Adopt the Changes. You can find information about Melih Oztalay in a Google search with results including his writing as an industry author, guest speaker, and subject matter expert on radio shows, video casts, and podcasts.