Smart Gladiator helps Retailers, Distributors and Logistics Service Providers mobile enable their Supply Chain & Operations processes. By mobile enabling their Supply Chain & Operations processes, companies can not only realize tremendous cost savings, but also provide a much more user friendly work environment for everybody that is engaged in executing Supply Chain processes.

While the rest of the world is facetiming, youtubing, whatsapping with their mobile devices, the warehouse operator is stuck with a 25 year old technology. Unleash the productivity of your operators, supervisors & Managers with Smart Gladiator Wearables, Tablets & BYOD Apps. Not only Smart Gladiator Mobile Eco System contribute directly to bottom line by saving at least 6% in labor costs, but also makes life and morale of associates so much better by engaging millennial workers with latest, fastest technology, providing mobile capabilities such as texting, Face-timing, video based training, picture sharing for better collaboration in an operations setting.

Smart Gladiator is located within ATDC - Advanced Technology Development Center in the Tech Square area within Georgia Tech Campus. ATDC is a technology incubator, supported by State of Georgia for companies that bring state of the art innovative technology to market.