Smartican.com was founded in February, 2013 by Motion Punch Studios Pvt. Ltd. Smartican.com is a comprehensive social networking and media website that gives a platform to people with common ideas “Topics” to connect.  It works on a "Topic" specific discussion based format, which will provide its users with a platform to express, discuss and share their issues and experiences, as well as connect users so they can collectively discover and seek solutions. Smartican’s vision is to reach out to and bring together people who share common ideas and build their community, so that they can inspire each other, showcase their life, shout their heart out, challenge the existing dogmas and push the prevailing limits. The Smarticans, can create new Topics of discussion, track everything that’s popular, upload videos/photos/music, make friends, discover schools & colleges, witness happening parties, play games, gossip, chat and more. Smartican is composed of: Smart-I-Can and believes that “there is a smart one, inside everyone”, and everyone should be given a chance to shout their heart out, because every shout matters. Smartican wants to “Reinstate Smartness” by all its actions.