Smart Mouth Mobile  began in April 2010 with a vision to provide affordable communication to everyone on the planet.  Since June of 2011, the company has released Smart Mouth Mobile, The Smart Mobile and Smart Mouth Kids Mobile. All of these mobile applications can be found in the iTunes store and in the Android market, with the Blackberry applications coming in the future ahead.

By Taking advantage of the ongoing and ever increasing rise of low-cost broadband Internet access worldwide (such as xDSL and WiFi Hotspots), Smarter Apps is preparing tomorrow's infrastructure within our applications that which are developed with the intent to handle voip based operations.

These applications provide alternative voice over internet protocol or FREE of charge member to member voice calls, intricate call termination options and completely advanced Smart Translations SMS communications.

With our current business model, Smart Mouth Mobile is destined to attain permeation in far reaching markets around the world and we are already building incredible momentum toward that goal and we foresee that this is only the beginning.

Smarter Apps understands what smart users need and expect from their devices tomorrow, and we have the superior smart VoIP applications to fulfill that tremendous need right now. Our first to market technologies and our excellent marketing strategies work to cross promote our developments and further our success with these new and exciting breakthroughs.

Smarter Apps, LLC is sure to be a tremendously successful company for years to come.

b.     Our Mission
Our success is based on excellence, modernization, automation and customer based-oriented processes. The core of Smarter Apps is and always will be to meet the needs of our end users by implementing superior customer service practices combined with a solid business model. Smarter Apps users are satisfied with the products and services we offer, because  Smarter Apps’ value to our end users helps them to stay in contact with their loved ones overseas across all continents at a fraction of the cost. We strive to exceed the expectations of our users and customer base.

c.     Our Values
At Smarter Apps we value above all the sacrifice of our soldiers and government workers around the world. Moreover, we value honesty, integrity, hard work & philanthropy.

d.     Business Goals & Objectives
Our goal is to achieve penetration market-wide, to have everyone, everywhere using Smarter Apps,  helping families in need cut the cost of communications in their households. We bring clients into the realm of mobile communications on a global cross platform environment that promotes open source communication that others segregate. To give back to the community through our “Operation Pay it Forward” initiative and the Government Giveaway.

e.     Business strategy
Smarter Apps, LLC, has negotiated lucrative contracts with companies in diverse markets to help insure its continued growth.  Other offline business strategies include appearances on news talk shows, cross-country RV promotion at major sporting events and concert venues, as well as negotiating contracts for Point of Sale display locations.