Smartox Biotechnology is a French start-up company specialized in the study of animal venoms. Venoms are composed of hundreds of different molecules, which include peptides that are small molecules with exceptional structural and functional properties. These peptides are efficient modulators of the activity of numerous membrane receptors of the cell surface making them particularly interesting for use as drugs or for studying several physiological processes of the human body. VenomScreen®, a division of Smartox Biotechnology, is in charge of studying natural venoms by using the latest technologies in mass spectrometry while SmartFold® division will be in charge of reproducing the most interesting peptides by proprietary processes. Thus, Smartox Biotechnology offers two complementary services to the pharmaceutical industry: from drug discovery based on its collection of venoms, to its chemical synthesis facility at the origin of a wide range of natural molecules dedicated to basic research. In parallel, Smartox Biotechnology conducts its own research programs to provide therapeutic solutions in the field of oncology. Smartox Biotechnology has the support of Floralis (Technology Transfer Office), Grenoble Alpes Incubation, Réseau Entreprendre Isère, Rotary club, BPI France, INSERM and the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble.