75% of Commercial Construction Projects End Over Budget.......... Totaling $1,000,000,000 (Trillion) Annually.  That is equal to 1.3% of the total GWP-  Gross World Product for the entire PLANET...... Every Year!

SmartPM has created a technology that will Data is entered into the SmartPM system via import, integration, or direct entry. Once in the system, the data is instantly analyzed to provide insights into the progress and performance of commercial construction projects.

SmartPM focuses specifically on pinpointing the existence of and causation of cost overruns, delays, inefficiencies and other financial risk issues. The knowledge SmartPM provides is instrumental in ensuring that construction projects are on time and on budget and capital assets achieve their expected ROI’s with minimal disputes.

SmartPM puts the user in Control of the Project Outcome. We provide an early warning system that analyzes your data and pinpoints problems before they become debilitating both logistically and financially. SmartPM Software helps avoid expensive disputes and replaces the need for costly consultants.

It's Simple.  SmartPM can be used independently and with no disruption to workflow. Simply upload your data files and SmartPM will generate a clear and concise dashboard and report for all your projects.