Smart Turnout stands for what is timeless about British style: vibrant colours, bold patterns and exacting craftsmanship. Maintaining and subtly updating this classic tradition is what makes Smart Turnout distinctive. After all, silk ties and striped socks have been the choice of the chic gentlemen for centuries.

And our name? A favourite regimental term. It means looking your absolute best.

Established by Philip Turner who as a young member of the Scots Guards infantry regiment, was scheduled to compete - or at least reach the finish line in the saddle - at Sandown Races. But he had one complication to untangle first. In British racing, each rider competes wearing a unique set of racing colours, and nothing was available in Philip’s size or assigned pattern. With the race looming and no solution in sight, Philip set out on a race of his own – to personally find the required materials and an expert knitter.

The day of the race arrived and somehow Philip’s performance at Sandown escaped the record books, but the styling and colours of his classic outfit didn’t go unnoticed. Arriving to help their fellow infantryman commiserate, members of Philip’s regiment asked if he could arrange to have knitwear made in their official stripes.

Philip complied, and additional orders began arriving from far-flung corners of the regiment, followed by requests for ties, then socks. What started as a favour for a few friends soon took over Philip’s weekends, then his garage, and finally his home. Not to be outdone during marches and parades, other regiments quietly came knocking at Philip’s door, asking if he might produce knitwear in their colours as well. It didn’t take long before Britains historic schools and universities came calling too and now, to our continued delight and surprise, smart dressers from around the world. After all, Philip didn’t start out trying to found a company – he just wanted to find the perfect jumper. Apparently, he’s not the only one.

Previously the name Smart Turnout was only rarely been heard outside Oxford, Ampleforth, the Royal Artillery, and similar strongholds of tradition. To universities, schools and regiments like these, we were the specialist label with the odd name, the one turning their celebrated colours into handcrafted essentials – bespoke cricket sweaters, slip-stitched ties, and hallmarked silver cufflinks.

None of this has changed. However, we have now expanded on the available items in order to provide something for every fashion conscious man. From the casual and comfortable to elegant work attire Smart Turnout is helping men to look their absolute best whatever the occasion.