Bob and Mary Smid, along with their two children Dan Smid, 46, and Andrew Smid, 40 are involved in a case where the family is set to walk away with 23% of a 96-year-old woman's $1.5 million estate. Bob is the trustee for the estate, and the original will had the grandchildren's inheritance at 35%. After 4 amendments, Bob and Mary Smid have 23% and the grandchildren have 0%. Bob Smid took the elderly woman out of her retirement home during the worst fires in Spokane history to sign the final amended will. Subsequently, she was hospitalized for smoke inhalation and had to be on oxygen from that point forward. They are not relatives of any kind, simply people that befriended an elderly woman and walked away with nearly a quarter of her estate while her grandchildren were disinherited. He refuses to give an answer to the family about the amended wills, and refused to release the elderly woman's medical records to her family.