SmileyAnswers™ has been providing the HappyOrNot solution, since its inception in North America, almost six years ago.  We provide our clients with real-time actionable insights for patient, customer and employee feedback solutions for many industries including healthcare, managed service, government, retail, and many more.  

We pride ourselves on being centric to our client’s needs by delivering valid, credible, and real-time actionable insights.  This enables our clients to improve their employee, patient and customer engagement strategies.

Track insights amongst customers and/or staff satisfaction over time – and view their responses in a secure online reporting dashboard. You can set auto-email reports to effectively deliver key information directly to your inbox. What’s more, if you implement HappyOrNot Smiley Touch units as part of a broader customer experience solution you can capture the “why”, along with free text comments.  For even more integrated solutions, you can utilize our available KPI to compare across platforms.

HappyOrNot solutions are in use in almost 100 countries! You’ve probably seen them in airports, retailers, healthcare clinics and other locations.

HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch kiosks allow you to monitor customer satisfaction hour-by-hour and that’s why airports, shops, hospitals and many employers use them as an effective means for collecting real-time feedback.