The Tampa personal injury attorneys are compassionate legal professionals who are also skilled at obtaining compensation on behalf of their clients.They fight for their clients rights every day. When someone causes an accident through negligence or carelessness and others are injured, there is no doubt that the person whose fault the accident is should be responsible for the damages. Unfortunately, responsible parties, whether an individual who wasn’t paying attention while driving or a corporation that puts profits above the health and safety of consumers, often attempt to deny financial liability. Furthermore, insurance companies encourage this behavior by fighting, denying and reducing valid claims.  When this happens, it is always the victims of the accident who continue to suffer the most and the longest.
Smith & Stallworth works on a contingency fee basis; this means that they only charge a fee for their legal representation if they are successful in obtaining an out of court settlement from the insurance company or if they are able to win a judgment after litigating the matter in court.