The SMLR Group, Inc. is a full service, data management firm specializing in compliance, network, data and information security. By assessing the entire corporate data environment and the processes used to collect, store, update and delete that data, SMLR Group is able to formulate a cost effective plan which takes into consideration how to best move forward, protecting the most valuable and vulnerable data assets as quickly as possible thereby reducing brand compromise… providing a complete privacy solution.

   SMLR Compliance solution experts give the enterprise in-depth local, state, and federal regulatory knowledge and experience providing full-spectrum Defensible Response Solutions.

   SMLR Defense protects with decades of combined experience carrying out security assessments, developing multi-tiered response plans, acceptable use policies, active and passive security monitoring solutions, as well as the development and implementation of the WISP.

   SMLR Mitigation saves time, expense, and helps mitigate negative publicity and reputation damage incurred from data breach, business fraud, and identity theft, as well as cuts down on the loss and use of funding, lost productivity, and legal expenses incurred from a breach.

   SMLR Recovery Services saves time, legal expenses, and helps protect the enterprise from class action lawsuits and negative publicity. Our products and services provides a complete end-to-end response planning and execution process and can fully manage identity recovery for up to 100,000 affected customers, providing recovery services including the drafting of notification letters, and credit monitoring.