Why Choose SmokeGenie?

The SmokeGenie is an excellent value, brought to you by a leader in e-cigarette technology. Compare the cost-effectiveness of the SmokeGenie vs. traditional cigarettes: Every pack of cigarettes you buy costs approximately $6.00. Some states charge even more. Smokers spend literally thousands of dollars every year on cigarettes. The SmokeGenie cartridge costs far less and comes in a pack of five, equaling about 8 packs of cigarettes.

Health benefits of the SmokeGenie e-cigarette:

What’s the problem with traditional cigarettes? Well, for one thing, nasty carcinogens, tar, and dangerous toxins like carbon monoxide. The SmokeGenie electronic cigarette solves this problem , offering the nicotine you crave, delivered via a water-based vapor that contains no tar, carbon monoxide or toxins found in traditional cigarettes that can wreak havoc on your lungs and heart.

SmokeGenie Convenience

It is simple to take a few drags and put it back into your pocket saving you additional costs of throwing out a half used cigarette. And don’t forget…the SmokeGenie e-cigarette can often be enjoyed in places where traditional cigarettes are no longer allowed. You’ll never worry again about endangering the health of yourself or others because of traditional tobacco carcinogens.