At Smooth, we know the only way to succeed in our business is to really get under the skin of your business; to truly understand what makes it tick. Find out what the marketplace is looking for, and make the match. We are passionate about ambitious, fast growing businesses and we put our hearts and souls into keeping them on the fast track to success.

Smooth is a brand communications agency. What this means is that we help you determine what your brand is, ensure your people live it spontaneously, and then we tell the world about it. We use design, marketing, internet, advertising, pr and events to create positive brand experiences and profitable relationships. Smooth’s fresh eyes and ears investigate your company intricately from the inside out, discovering what your staff and clients really think about you. We then recommend brand or re-branding propositions that match your visions creatively, with flair as well as honesty.Strategic expertise and raw talent make us the masters of reinvention. We work with passionate and ambitious organisations that challenge us and we reward them with inspiration. Because we put our hearts and minds into every project, our work has crucial impact on the success of organisations we work with.

As a leader in design, Smooth provides just the right amount of creativity. It is not just about how great our designs look; it’s about ensuring the designs we create match the culture and energy of the organisation. Corporate design and identity creation and development is a core element of our creative mix; from logo design to brochure creation and marketing collateral development, Smooth blends the right amount of creative flair with breakthrough strategic focus to produce pioneering corporate brand identities. We spend quality time with our clients ensuring the solutions we offer are based on the company’s essence. The employees reflect a company’s brand so it is essential we know our clients as well as they know themselves. A “one hat fits all” approach is never viable.

Integrated brand communication strategies from Smooth ensure your advertising does not conflict with your vision or culture. That your business presence is a true reflection of your business acumen. Smooth ensures offline advertising including print, radio and television and online advertising including banner ads, website optimisation and e-media campaigns are complementary to create brand consistency and impact. Impact brings results. Standing apart from your competitors is an essential component of any advertising and growth strategy. Think big. To build or maintain tenacious expansion plans requires an element of risk. Smooth acts as your mentor, advising the best course of action. We may push your comfort zones; challenge you, and rest assured the results will speak for themselves.

The most successful organisations in the world rely on comprehensive emprirical research based on primary data to direct their marketing plans. Research is used to determine what products are suited to which markets, the buying behaviour of client segments, the expected growth of target markets and if your organisation is positioned accordingly. You may not have the time or resources to engage in such research, however Smooth can obtain this valuable information on your behalf. Is your culture supportive of your growth plans? Diverse strategic thinking can propel your business to the next level. Why do what everyone else is doing? While Smooth concentrates on your competitors' movements, your time is dedicated to what you do best; running your company. A relationship with Smooth builds on your success and blasts your company upward with confidence and stability.
It's going to be exciting; a website design that truly reflects your corporate identity. It will be functional, easily found and promotes your business 24/7 which is a Smooth speciality. Is your website performing at its best? How many enquiries does your website generate? Are you tracking visitor behviour on your website? Is it easy to find? How does your website integrate with your other marketing activities? Simplification is often required to evolve your business. What makes your company tick? Is your website still on the right path?
Revealing your brand at an event can make or break a campaign. Concise and integrated event promotion is the key to high respondent rates and a successful turnout. Smooth event planning and project management facilitates events from product launches to national conventions. Whether your approach is hands-on or off, Smooth is here to make your event happen effortlessly. From venue finding, to accommodation, transfers, catering, and enhancements such as theming or finding a speaker, we will make sure that your clients remember your event as the best they've ever been to.