Social Market Research for Charity is the FIRST real research, grounded in scientifically supported social trends, that: (1) Funds the Most Worthy Charities (by their Social Impact Ratings), (2) Richly Rewards Social Followers (in support of their charities,  and (3) Hyper-stimulates Business Response (for the Rewards of Charity), based on the research of ‘just how much each charity follower is willing to share, give or purchase -- for the benefit of their favorite charities (and rewards of equal value) -- with sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own (Think about that for a moment).  

Supporting 6 formats of market research, funding generated by SRMC’s Research is primarily founded on members producing donations and rewards – without requiring purchase – interacting with sponsors whose charity profile matches their own – in 2 virtually un-tapped formats of cognitive surplus:
1.     Sharing their anonymous everyday social content and  feedback (as group media research per charity w/emotional tags)
2.     Participating in ‘no-cheating’ market research games that reward members for providing hard proof of their level of attention to their sponsor’s content – where the more they get right, the bigger the rewards & charity.  By offering audience research games (that assess/understand how to modify behavior) as compared to surveys, results in the following benefits:

a.     It will tell each sponsor what people remember (what makes an impression) about one presentation vs. another.  

b.     Accessing only "public" data, it will provide lifestyle demographics and media scheduling (when distributed followers of that charity are on-line and in what media), while making the content useless for personal tracking purposes.

c.     It will motivate 4-5 X or more followers to respond, and provide hard proof of their full attention to sponsor content – including from the 46% of people who currently don’t respond to advertising or avoid it outright.   Alternately, it will collect testimonials and purchase experience reviews.

d.     It provides an even playing field for everyone – requiring no special knowledge – just your attention – for your charities.

e.     It will educate by transferring product/service knowledge to every follower – that they will socially pass on to their friends.

f.     It will generate enormous Goodwill as the sponsor would be supporting the follower’s favorite causes without requiring a purchase, or providing much more in support of purchases.

g.     It will generate donations to the sponsor's favorite charities along with sponsor rewards (deductibles), from each responding follower (invited or from claiming a bonus with a new purchase) at the rate of 4% of the new member's on-going donations and rewards they generate thereafter. That's equal to $0.03 per follower per day = $10.95 per year, while each of your followers generates a minimum of $0.60 per day (or $219 per year) for their charities and rewards.

h.     It will allow each sponsor to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility Investment profile to perfectly reflect the aggregate charity profile of the sponsor’s members/ customers/ followers.

i.     It will allow thousands of sponsors to target offers to all followers of a charity – where all market research or purchases made by such followers (with that charity in their profile) – result in donations for that charity from those followers.

SMRC's Research Games and Awards COMPLIMENT and DRAMATICALLY INCREASE RESPONSE (2 – 10 times) by association with EVERY Sponsor marketing program and promotional media (Web, Social Media, Social Network, Email, TV, Radio, Print) by offering: Charitable Deductibles & Goodwill for Attention and Testimonials, as well as Much More for Loyalty Sales.  By promoting the image – ‘Rewards for Charity – NO Purchase Required’ this will:

A.     DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THE VALUE of your advertising dollar - ‘across the board’,

B.     Increase your goodwill ten-fold,

C.     Stimulate 2+ times the response to your content and up to 10 times the response to your promotion, while

D.     Firmly establishing your ultimate competitive edge over non-SMRC sponsors who can at best, only offer bonuses, discounts or vendor-deductible charity.  We are now adding to our offering:  combining our research and awards server, with an alternative ad delivery service capability - supporting alternate independent high traffic compatible  channels, with minimal competition, and standardized costs.  

EASY: Implementing SMRC's "Brand" is easy and only takes 4 Steps:
1.     INVITE new members (followers, members, employees, and other sponsors) before another sponsor does,
2.     Use SMRC's LOGO on your website and all advertisements,
3.     Create a LINK to SMRC's Research Game Server on your RFI/Purchase fulfillment page, and
4.     CALL SMRC to coordinate the campaigns, with optional coupon support.