At Logon Utility, you will be provided with a one-stop shop that fulfills all your marketing requirements. Right from research to implementation, we take care of all your needs and wants. Once you start working with us, all your burden directly becomes ours.

Diverse Domain Consistency
Strong Technical Expertise
Reliable & Consistent Communication
A flexible pricing model tailor made to individual needs
Passion driven team of professionals
Single point of contact for all your requirements
Quality promise & Value generation
Consistent upgrading of new and upcoming technologies

We have built our services portfolio keeping in mind what our clients will most benefit from. We continuously make additions to this portfolio as and when new technology enters the market. Our business model also grows and all this is done in order to stay ahead in the game and provide our clients with the best quality of service.

We ensure high quality work by doing general and ordinary things in extraordinary ways. With this promise, you will get the perceived quality of our work as your final output. We also make it a point to improve ourselves with every step.

Logon Utility is a Bulk sms and Digital marketing services provider in India. Logon Utility is into Services like Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Voices Calls.


The goal of Logon Utility is to provide cost effective services of high quality by ensuring maximum ROI and expanding the reach of our customers by leveraging digital platforms to their advantage.

Company Overview

At Logon Utility, we follow an overall approach to suit the needs and fulfill the requirements of our clients.
Pre-development Analysis: We start by trying to understand the needs of our clients, their objectives and strategies and their target audience. We ask our clients about their requirements and work towards planning to provide solutions to these requirements.
Conceptualization: Our next step is to involve a team of professionals that help to create a structure and mold a path that can be used to take a course of action.
Development & Testing: Once the concept has been created, our teams of professionals come together to start the work.
Implementation: We then begin to closely work with the client in order to ensure that the work done has been smoothly implemented.